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June Issue — 2017

A Young of the Year (YOY) Millennium Creek Brook Trout

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Articles by : Guy Woods and Contributors

Millennium Creek 2017 Brook Trout Growing Fast

Above: This Millennium Creek brook trout emerged from the gravel spawning beds one month earlier this January of 2017. The trout is fat and growing fast.

In This Issue

This Year’s Riparian Plantings

Above: This native Salix willow plant was just planted along the stream bank on Bighill Creek.

Early Spring Fly Fishing for Trout

Above: This fat brook trout found my trout fly pattern irresistible, on a cold early spring day, just after the ice left the stream banks.

Great Upper Spring Creek Trout Hatch

Above: A newly hatched brook trout takes cover in the shallows of lateral margin habitat, after it emerged from the spawning beds this spring. The 2017 hatch on the Upper Spring Creek was a good one this year. This means that there will be plenty of new trout in the Bighill Creek this year.

2017 Ranch House Spring Creek Trout Hatch Success

Above: A pair of juvenile brook trout that hatched on Ranch House Spring Creek early this year. This hatch was a significant one for the small spring feeder Creek, to the Bighill Creek.

Articles on Trout Fly Patterns in This Issue

Nose Creek Willows and Trees are Growing

Right Photo:

Nose Creek willow and tree plants are growing, but slowly. In the first week of May, I visited the Willow Brook planting site to see how the native plants that we planted in previous years were doing.

    Because the creek channel had been modified with heavy equipment years earlier, the soil along the stream was very poor for planting native stock. However, after planting work in the past, we are now seeing some growth along the stream channel.

    The good news is that the seeds from these plants will help recruit new growth downstream into the future. This is the nice thing about our work, there are other riparian benefits that will come through the natural process.

March Brown  -  The First Big May Fly Hatch on the Water

























Right Photo:

    This March Brown May Fly hatched on the Bighill Creek in the first week of May this year. The large Mayfly is the first big Mayfly hatch to appear on local waters. On the Bow River and other area trout streams, the trout will feed heavily on this first big surface Mayfly hatch of the season.

    The dry fly imitation for the March Brown is a size 14 parachute or traditional dry fly. An Adams dry fly is the most common pattern used to imitate this major hatch of the early spring season. The speckled wings and dark spotted segments of the abdomen make the adult Mayfly easy to identify. The adult fly also has two tail terminal end.

    It was great to see this hatch on the Bighill Creek this year and it may have something to do with the improved water quality on the BH Creek.

West Nose Creek Update

    West Nose Creek’s riparian plantings are starting to stand out. The plantings are part of the Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program. This will be the fourth year of the program.

Bighill Creek Plantings

    It has been four years since the Bow Valley Riparian Recovery and Enhancement Program first started to plant on the Bighill Creek, in the Town of Cochrane, Alberta. The first crop of plants are now growing out over the water in many places along the lower section of the creek.

    I am convinced that all of the plantings over recent years has contributed to an improvement in the water quality in the stream, with noticeable cleaner streambed substrate on the lower reach. The first crop of native willows and trees are now providing fish habitat on the stream channel, in future years the habitat will increase into the stream itself.

    This improved water quality and new fish habitat is going to be of great benefit to the trout fishery on the Bighill Creek. Each passing year will see new gains in the overall objectives of the BVRR&E Program’s goals. A program well worth the undertaking.

Above: Bighill Creek planted willows after 4 years.

Important Discovery on Millennium Creek

Above: Can you spot the brook trout fry in this photo? The light color on this trout fry is peculiar. There may be a reason for this. (See Page 8)


Students Riparian Planting on Nose Creek, Airdrie

Below: CW Perry Middle School Students help out in Planting Program on Nose Creek.